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Highly technological. Exceptionally beautiful.

 Dinamica® by Miko is the made-in-Italy microfibre which is produced in part by using recycled polyester, (the recycled component varies depending on the product line and application, click here) without the use of organic solvents** but using a water-based process. The manufacturing process used by Dinamica® makes it possible to extract fewer virgin raw materials since it uses a part of recycled fibres of waste products which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites or incinerated, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts associated with these processes.

**For example, DMF and trichloroethylene that can be used to manufacture synthetic materials..

Care and respect for the environment and the commitment to the circular economy are the values that have guided our production since 1997 and pave the way towards future innovation.
In a nutshell, Dinamica® consists of three layers: face, inner scrim and backing. 


Submerged in a water solution, the inner scrim attracts small polyester
fibres, which are suspended in the liquid, to both surfaces;
these are compacted using a water-based needle punching process. 


The microfibre is then immersed in a water-based polyurethane bath without using solvents
in order to minimise the health and environmental impacts.
This process compacts the fibres, making them elastic and resistant.

 During the dyeing and finishing stage, the production cycles are optimised and monitored
managing the energy consumptionat best and minimising the waste of chemical products and water which is
then drained through our purifier and partially re-used.


Dinamica®'s technical properties ensure that it’s resistant over time. However, in order to maintain its quality longer we recommend that you follow these simple cleaning and maintenance instructions.



Style and high performance for all sorts of different applications

Dinamica® microfibre is a versatile material of exceptional quality and performance. In fact, it is suitable for use in all kinds of sectors but in recent years it has become very popular in the automotive industry where it is used by some of the most important car makers in the world.


 In these days in which car makers are focusing on reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles, Dinamica® has proven to be the choice that looks to the future and is the perfect material for upholstering the interiors of vehicles.

Indeed, Dinamica® always guarantees the highest standards throughout the production cycle.


A duty of responsibility which we take on by setting ourselves real and measurable objectives.

At Miko we have always believed that responsibility is not a marginal aspect. Protecting and respecting the environment and people are at the heart of Dinamica®’s production, which makes it unique.

 The goal towards responsible production started in 1997 with the invention of recycled* water-based microfibre and continues today with the implementation of a number of projects aimed at protecting the natural environment.

Our Sustainability Report which is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sums up what it means to be responsible: to care for the environment (by using recycled materials and reducing pollutants and energy consumption) but above all to focus on the wellbeing and safety of the people who are with us every day.

 * Recycled fibre content varying depending on the product and application.