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 Automotive leather by MAXCOM brings you the best way to customize your car interior with a wide range of more than 100 colors and texture combinations.


Why choose a leather car interior?


1. Because it is beautiful!

2. Cleanliness. MAXCOM leather doesn't require any expensive cleaning maintenance as the one for textiles. Leather can be simple cleaned with a warm wet cotton mop and few drops of Ph neutral soap.

3. Smell. The leather keeps for a long time the nice smell of a brand-new car.

4. Water resistant. Leather doesn't absorb water, saving your car from stains and unpleasant smells as long as you dry it in a short time.

5. Thermo-neutral. Leather has the capability of matching the personal temperature for a perfect comfort.


All Maxcom product are exclusive and can only be purchased on or calling our offices.