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Being always one step ahead also means giving voice to customer ideas and guiding the most ambitious projects by the hand. Taking advantage of the collaboration with the most prestigious and innovative companies in the market, we are able to develop products according to your requests.


How to develop your product

1. Minimum quantity:

There are is "absolute" minimum quantity, but usually a minimum of 100 m2 must be considered for small productions of items for "Furniture" and "Automotive" leather and for 50 m2 for the "Embossed" leather. This is to avoid an increase in terms of costs that can even reach 50% of the value and a considerable increase in production times.


2. Having the right answers...

... to the questions: what do I need this product for? what kind of design do I want to make? Do I want a product that is more natural (and subject to consumption) or more resistant over time? what level of tolerance do I have towards natural leather defects (scratches, taroli, scars, wrinkles)? smooth or grainy? matte or glossy? tone on tone or solid color? soft or sustained? elastic or compact? what effect (aged, modern, scratched, stained, nubuck, etc.)?


3. Have a color reference:

Essential. The range of possible colors is infinite and only with a reference can we replicate the desired color.


It is not necessary to have all the information at the time you first contact us, we do know that often explaining your creative ideas is very difficult. Our managers will guide you in this process, at the bottom of the page you will find all the methods to communicate with them.


Nappa Tan 226071 by Totem Automobili

Nappa Tan 226071_by Totem Automobili  

Turbo Power Blu TP305N - Elegance Power Beluga EP2589N by Lucky Thirteen Workshop

Turbo Power Blu TP305N_by Lucky Thirteen Workshop